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  • Bigha-bike-combo.jpg

    Bigha Bike

    January 18, 2:55 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Remember the the Safe Turn Indicator ? Those LED lights you can wear on your wrists while cycling. Now imagine these were built right into the bike itself. Imagine a bike with its own built-in alarm and head/tail lights. Imagine ..... nah, stop... in a

  • bikestation.jpg

    Bikestations: Commuting Facility of the Future

    January 14, 10:13 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Seattle-based firm Place Architecture has come up with a concept for venues called Bikestations that could change the way we think about our commutes—and maybe even getting around in general. Already popular in Europe and Japan, bike stations are

  • bike-trailer.jpg

    Evolution Bike Trailers

    January 14, 8:45 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Of course, having a groovy bike is one thing but transferring all your stuff around from one location to another, can be quite a drag (so to speak). Stepping up to fill that void is the cargo trailer. With a capacity of 24 gallons (90 litres) it will

  • gm concept car.jpg

    GM Unveils Sequel Fuel Cell SUV

    January 11, 1:16 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Detroit is where it’s at for car industry types, at least until January 23, when the North American International Auto Show ends. (It’s open to the public, fyi.) That’s where, a few days ago, General Motor unveiled its beefiest, newest hydrogen concept

  • fuel cell shell.bmp

    In Iceland, Hydrogen-Powered Buses Are Step Toward Oil-Free Economy

    January 10, 10:29 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    From the land of Bjork and Sigur Ros comes yet more novel creativity for the rest of the world to admire and envy: Iceland is also a leader in the quest for energy efficiency. Already, nearly 70 percent of the country’s overall energy requirements are

  • Bikefriday-Gnu.jpg

    Bike Friday

    January 10, 1:52 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    It's been said that one of the reasons that Apple has been successful for so long, is not simply down to their innovation, but also their fanatically loyal customers. Well, Bike Friday is the Macintosh of the bicycle industry. Their patrons are equally

  • Mantis-bike.jpg

    Mantis Electric Bike (or is it a scooter?)

    January 7, 3:46 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Cool looking cruiser, huh?. Might only get you 18 miles (29 km) from home, on a full charge but think of all the heads you’ll turn on the way! Twist the throttle to max and you’ll feel the G’s come into play as you hit a top speed 16mph (26kph). zoom

  • Gem-E-car.jpg

    GEM E2 electric car

    January 6, 3:05 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Now, this may not set speed records, like the previous electric vehicles we’ve discussed, such as the Eliica, Tango or the Venturi. But it is pretty cheap and not a prototype, so you can buy one today. Designed for low speed (25mph or 40kph) around-town

  • london-congestion.jpg

    Car congestion taxes and curfews

    January 5, 2:19 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Wanna drive into some European cities? Betta get yourself a low emission hybrid vehicle. This is the message being sent by municipalities from London to the Italian Alps. For the past couple of years in London, drivers have had to pay a £5 Congestion

  • safeturn-cyclist.jpg

    Safe Turn Indicator

    January 5, 1:47 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    From the country that invented the 'Blackbox' aircraft flight recorder comes a safety device for a more benign form of travel. An automatic turn indicator for cyclists. Riding a bicycle might be good for your health and that of the planet but at times

  • hokeyspokes.jpg

    Hokey Spokes LED Bike Lights

    January 3, 12:40 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Alright, alright already. We give in. After touting Michael Kertesz's Spoke n'Wheels project for the Tisch School, we got like a bazillion tipsters telling us that Hokey Spokes exist. Yes, we know: They are very, very cool, and do indeed do the trick.

  • Solar-Sailor-fanned.jpg

    Solar Sailor

    January 2, 11:33 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    We’ve showcased hybrid cars and hybrid bicycles before and now is time make mention of the watery equivalent. Hybrid marine power combines electric drives with the power and range of hydrocarbon and/or alternative fuels. Solar panels charge the electric

  • aiframe-bike.jpg

    Airframe bicycle

    December 30, 8:50 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Another twist on the folding bicycle. Structural hinges allowing the bike to collapse down to a small package for commuting, or for stowing in an apartment or car boot (trunk). Made from aluminium alloy it claims to be the "lightest folding

  • dolsa wind bike.jpg

    Yamaha Dolsa Wind Electric Vehicle

    December 23, 11:29 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    The Dolsa Wind electric vehicle works like a glider soaring quietly on the wind that also allows you to travel in a far-out sphere of sound made possible by audio equipment that’s hidden under the frame and seat. As you ride, the airstream lightly

  • bike-roadside.jpg

    BetterWorld roadside service for bicycles

    December 23, 1:30 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Here’s a good one. North America’s first and only call-out service for push-bikes. Just like roadside assistance for automobile drives but thoughtfully provided for cyclists, who have broken down, far from home. For a standard individual membership you

  • insight-ev-rental.jpg

    EV Rentals - Hybrids for hire

    December 21, 10:01 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Travelling in North America over the Christmas period? Or any time really? Maybe you could take the opportunity to try out a hybrid- electrical vehicle. EV Rentals have over 400 cars around the country at seven key locations like LAX and Ontario airport

  • Postie-hydrogen-bike.jpg

    Hydrogen Postman's Bike

    December 20, 3:22 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Researchers at the University of Tasmania, Australia, have launched a world first. A 100% hydrogen powered postman’s delivery bike. The project’s group leader, Dr Vishy Karri said, "It has a close to zero emission and it has got one of the highest

  • yamaha_bicycle_taxi.JPG

    Yamaha Bicycle Taxi Hybrid

    December 17, 12:20 PM by TreeHugger in Cars

    We’ve told you plenty about electric-gasoline hybrids, but Gizmodo found one better: electric plus human pedal power instead of gas! Next year’s Tokyo World Expo won’t allow taxis between the pavilions, so Yamaha’s come up with this swoopy cycle to do


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