Sengled Element LED bulbs

Sengled Element system offers app-controlled dimmable & tunable LED lighting (Review)

In which I try out a smart lighting system in my dumb home.

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  • Enlux-LED-globes.jpg

    Enlux LED Floodlight with standard fittings

    November 11, 11:03 AM by TreeHugger in Gadgets

    The standard bulb is 95% heat and only 5% light. This is one of the little know facts about Mr Edison's incandescent bulb. (Another is, that out of some 6,000 attempts, one his best successes in finding a long-life filament happened to be bamboo.)

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    TreeHugger's Top 5 Zelfo Papier-Machesque Protos

    November 9, 8:01 PM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    Probably in your distant childhood you got your fingers all gooey making paper maché. But odds are you didn't conceive of crafting a musical instrument or furniture from the stuff. Not so these Austrian guys. They've taken that revered kindergarten

  • solio_splayed.jpg

    Solio Portable Solar Charger

    November 4, 11:20 PM by TreeHugger in Solar Technology

    Finally. A way to make your iPod greener (without buying some lint magnetised latex cover!). This pocket-sized gizmo folds out to reveal 3 solar panels. Point them at that big yellow orb in the sky. 8 or so hours later you're rock'n'rolling (or

  • zipcar.gif

    Zipcar - A Product Becomes a Service

    October 26, 4:52 PM by TreeHugger in Clean Technology

    Zipcar is a cool example of a product being made into a service—i.e. people pay to use a service (use of a car) instead of buying the product (the car itself). For those where Zipcar hasn’t yet hit—so far it’s in MA,NY,NJ,NC and DC—Zipcar is a like a

  • ecocomputer.jpg

    NEC PowerMate Eco Computer

    October 6, 1:01 PM by TreeHugger in Gadgets

    Our pals at MetaEfficient turned us on to this. It's the NEC PowerMate Eco, and it's processor runs cool, so it requires no fan; has low power consumption; and has no bulky boxes housing its components. It's simply screen, monitor, mouse, nice and


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