cosmic jellyfish

Three quarters of deep-sea creatures glow in the dark

A new study counts the ocean’s animals that make their own light, resulting in a profound conclusion.

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  • biopaver.gif


    July 12, 12:19 PM by Justin Thomas in Natural Sciences

    People, there's too much concrete in the world and most of it is entirely unnecessary. Rubbersidewalks are great, and here's a product that intelligently replaces the need for a hard surfaces too. Biopavers are specially designed pavers that catch storm

  • RolloutWalk300160abright.jpg

    Modular & Sustainable Walkways: Mr Boardwalk

    July 8, 12:00 PM by Justin Thomas in Natural Sciences

    I'm so glad someone makes these: low-impact, modular walkways made out of sustainable timber. The company, Mister Boardwalk, even makes "roll out" walkways that simply roll out on top of grass, wood chips, sand, gravel or old concrete. The company

  • TH_earthboxmain_062805.jpg

    Nextfest Greenery: Earthbox Planter Boxes

    June 29, 8:36 AM by Dominic Muren in Natural Sciences

    I got to take a trip out to Wired's Nextfest this last weekend, and despite the overwhelming presence of military technologies, some great sustainable champions were strutting their stuff as well. One of these groups was The Growing Connection, a

  • vertical-farm-01.jpg

    Vertical Farming — The Future of Agriculture?

    June 27, 7:52 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Sustainable Agriculture

    The Internet never sleeps. You blink and everybody beats you to the punch; WorldChanging, the Gristmill blog and BoingBoing already have posts about the interesting concept of vertical farming. Why is it interesting? Because, according to projections

  • TH_pumpabike.jpg

    Pump-a-bike: Hop on a Hydrofoil

    June 22, 8:32 AM by Dominic Muren in Natural Sciences

    When you think of a hydrofoil, chances are, it's some crazy missile-equipped, laser guided, James Bond contraption. It's definitely not a human powered vehicle designed to make your next lake party a crazy amount of fun. But that's exactly what the

  • TH_rainwater_061305.jpg

    Texans Save Their Rain

    June 14, 8:37 AM by Dominic Muren in Clean Water

    Those of the treehugger community who are especially miffed by a certain Texan might be tempted to cast the entire Lone Star State in the same tainted light. But nothing could be further from the truth. Who knows whether it's the frontier life, or

  • WarmGel.gif

    Ecoflame: Sugar Cane Cooking Fuel

    June 4, 2:06 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    Ecoflame is a cooking fuel made out of sugar cane. Apparently it burns cleaner, hotter and more efficiently than petroluem-based fuels. It's an ethanol-based fuel made from natural sugar cane alcohol. Sugar cane is a renewable resource, but it does

  • lawnleaf.jpg

    Biodegradable Leaf Bags

    June 1, 1:00 PM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    Many communities have banned the use of regular plastic bags for yard waste removal, because polyethylene-based plastic bags can not be composted with the yard waste or burned. The best solution is to allow wet grass clippings be left on the lawn, where

  • portable_tekiah_clothbedhmock.jpg

    Hemp Hammocks

    June 1, 2:12 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    If ever there was a match made in the empyrean, it's hammocks and hemp. Hemp twine is the toughest out there, and it is mildew resistant and UV tolerant. When hemp is exposed to warmth and the sun, it softens (in a good way). CommunityMade.Com makes a

  • floataerator4.jpg

    Man Makes Wind Powered Pond Aerator, Sells It on EBay

    May 24, 12:06 PM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    Scott Hite has made a pond aerator that is powered only by the wind. You could install in your pond for aeration purposes. But it will also attract sightseers interested in capturing a photograph of an alien space probe. It is suitable for ponds up to 8

  • bbc-garden-01.jpg

    The BBC's eco-friendly garden design contest

    May 23, 8:05 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    A few months ago, in the context of their Planet Under Pressure series, the BBC asked its readers to "design a garden which is a relaxing green space for you, your family and friends, uses natural resources in a sustainable way and encourages a wide

  • envirope.jpg

    Envirope Hammocks

    May 19, 12:37 PM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    Warm weather is just about here for some of us, so we'll be heading out to lie on one of these with much gusto. Envirope hammocks are made from old soda bottles by members of Twin Oaks Community in Virginia. They sell them for $139.00. They also make

  • u_ua_91000_pool_2.jpg

    100% Recycled Copper Fire Pit

    May 14, 4:35 PM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    This fire pit is made of 100% copper recycled from demolition sites in Turkey. The reclaimed copper is handcrafted by coppersmiths in that country. Unfortunately transporting products from distant countries is not all that Treehugger-like. Too bad

  • plantnativeHome-11_r1_c1.gif

    PlantNative: Native Plants In Your Garden

    May 12, 9:13 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    Want to get started using native plants in your garden? The PlantNative web site may be what you need. Their web site hosts a "Native Plants Nursery Finder" which lists, by state, the nurseries that specialize in native plants sales. They also

  • bensaunders.jpg

    Young Scientist Alert!

    May 5, 6:07 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    Our buddies at Worldchanging have a problem. Antarctic explorer Ben Saunders is going south in October, and they want it to be a green expedition (do we need different words for Antarctica? no soot, no residue, lets call it a white expedition.) Current

  • Collection Fog in Nepal

    Catching Water From Fog and Dew

    April 21, 10:08 AM by TreeHugger in Clean Water

    FogQuest is a Canadian non-profit organization that assists families in developing countries tap into fog and rainwater as a source for clean water. They use special nets on mountains for fog collection and even rock structures for dew collection, to

  • TH_compostmain_042005.jpg

    Stinkless Swedish Composting

    April 21, 8:30 AM by Dominic Muren in Natural Sciences

    The biggest pains of composting go hand in hand: The need to flip the pile, and the stink of it all. You've got to turn over the pile to make sure the new scraps get into the mix, but at the same time, the more you flip, the more you stir up the

  • pzneorural.jpg

    NeoRural-hanging out in the Raval

    April 15, 2:30 PM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    An exhibition of experimental sustainable product design is currently showing at a small gallery in the Raval - the heart of the alternative culture scene in Barcelona. The Ego Gallery is showing the work of Martin Ruiz de Azúa and Gerard Moliné whose


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