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    Green Steps at Outdoor Retailer

    January 3, 12:55 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    The premier outdoor sports trade fair in North America is offering to showcase those outdoor companies, who have an environmental stewardship story to tell. Businesses who sign up will have special Green Steps carpet in the aisles outside their booth.

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    Quiksilver Initiative

    January 2, 8:20 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    "Surfing ... is faced with polluted water and the destruction of fragile reef systems. In many parts of the world they've already taken paradise and put up a parking lot." So says Quiksilver Europe's CEO Harry Hodge. "The environment needs

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    Organic Athlete

    January 2, 8:11 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    This new star-up organisation has, as one of its goals to "Become a leader in promoting healthful, plant-based and ecologically responsible lifestyles." They have a grand vision, which is taken up in their nine point 'Statement of Principles'.

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    Modern Birdhouses

    December 29, 10:53 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    A backyard inhabited by sleek Etra furniture or colorful designs by MetaMorf is no place for a folksy birdhouse. That doesn’t mean the birds have to head next door to the less stylish neighbors, though: Modern Birdhouses offers three designs named after

  • boot-tray.jpg

    Garland Boot Tray

    December 17, 9:15 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    Have to be honest and say I’m not sure how useful these are. Been a while since it last snowed in Sydney. But with gobal warming in full swing, maybe I should get prepared. Three pairs of adult boots fit onto each tray. Made from durable, injection

  • mont-bell-sbag.jpg

    Mont Bell sleeping bags recycled

    December 16, 3:03 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    Instead of sending their sleeping bags to landfill, Mont Bell’s Japanese customers can recycle them. If the bag was filled with synthetic insulation, their retail stores will accept washed bags back. You may recall in the past, we’ve said such programs

  • teko-socks.jpg

    Teko Socks

    December 13, 3:03 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    Alas, these socks won’t be available, in time to hang over your fireplace for Santa to stuff. But track ‘em down in early 2005. They live up to their double name, both ‘techo’ and ‘eco. Formed from four main fibres. Soft, merino wool; organic cotton;

  • ecoball.jpg

    Metolius Eco Ball for rockclimbing

    December 2, 7:36 PM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    Just as gymnasts coat their hands in ‘chalk’ before thrilling us with their aerial gyrations, so too rockclimbers. They get sticky fingers from the loose chalk (magnesium carbonate), carried in chalk bags. It absorbs perspiration and assists grip. But it

  • walden_kayak.gif

    Walden Recycled Kayaks

    November 17, 9:21 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    A barrel over Nigara? What about a shampoo bottle down some whitewater rapids? Walden Kayaks are made mostly from recycled HDPE plastics, such as also found in milk bottles. They figure that over the years they've diverted over 600 tons of the stuff

  • petzlheadlamp.jpg

    Tactikka Plus LED Headlamp

    October 22, 1:21 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    The Tactikka Plus from Petzl, one the best-known names in rock climbing, features four LED lights that can be used in four different intensities—bright, brighter, brightest, and blinking... It also has the ability to switch easily between white and

  • watercone.jpg

    Augustin Solar Water Purifier (Watercone)

    September 21, 9:35 AM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    More than just a pretty face, this sexy polycarbonate (not very treehugger) cone purifies up to 1.5 l/day with nothing but a little sunshine. It's simplicity is impressive. Simply pour some


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