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  • ecopell-combo.jpg

    Chrome-free EcoPell Leather

    January 26, 8:30 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Leather is often thought of as a natural material. And such materials return to the soil easily, right? Not in the case of leather they don’t. ‘Cos to stop the animal’s hide from perishing and degrading it has been tanned. And this tanning usually

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    Bonded Logic Smart Insulation

    January 18, 1:09 PM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Bonded Logic is a company that manufactures and markets a wide range of thermal and acoustical insulation products for multiple industries while maintaining health and safety features uncommon in other products. All of its products are not only

  • fiber-futures.jpg

    Fiber Futures

    January 17, 12:30 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    We've been waxing lyrical about hemp, banana and recycled paper etc, etc ... for sometime now. We plan to bring you plenty more stories about developments in the every exciting non-wood, 'alternative' and petroleum-free 'carbohydrate economy'.

  • banana-lamps.jpg

    The Banana Project

    January 14, 7:59 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    The other day I noted my fav beverage was a banana smoothie , so I do have a penchant for them. But these sweet, yellow, bendy things with their biodegradable packaging can be green, even when they are not ripe. To this end, a Japanese development

  • toyota_potato-car.jpg

    Sweet! Potato Cars from Toyota

    January 13, 10:37 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    OK, maybe not whole cars but at least components of them, such as the floor mats and spare wheel cover in the Toyota Raum. Well to be truthful these are currently made from their Eco-Plastic, which seems to be derived from the starch of of renewable

  • reigi kirei board.jpg

    Kirei Board

    January 11, 11:03 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    This sorghum board is a beautiful twist on a material that, while highly eco, can be rather blah. But Kirei is definitely more than hip than hippie. Through a process of washing, weaving, and then compressing bamboo-like stalks of sorghum into

  • entropy-combo.jpg

    Interface Entropy carpet tiles

    January 7, 1:10 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    If you go down the woods today you’re in for a big surprise! Instead of finding a Teddy Bear's Picnic, you might just find some carpet designers. That's where Interface say their design team hit upon the the idea for Entropy. A carpet tile with chaos and

  • cork mosaic.jpg

    Cork Mosaic Tiles

    January 6, 1:36 PM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    As a natural material that can be renewably harvested from the bark of trees, cork ranks high on the TH list of eco-friendly materials. Commonly used on boats, where its anti-mildew properties are much appreciated, cork can also be an excellent choice in

  • ecoveil.JPG

    MechoShade EcoVeil Shadecloth

    January 4, 1:00 PM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    MechoShade calls it "the revolutionary eco-effective solar shadecloth." They spent six years developing the project with Cradle to Cradle eco-bigwigs William McDonough and Michael Braungart, achieving a three dot rating on their sustainability scale

  • natureworks_pla_produce_packaging.JPG

    Natureworks PLA Biodegradable Plastic Packaging

    December 29, 10:47 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Ideally all the thirsty spectators at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City would have brought their own refillable drinking vessels. But the organizers knew it wasn’t going to happen that way, so they went with the next best option: biodegradable plastic

  • pilkington_activ_glass.JPG

    Pilkington Activ Self-Cleaning Glass

    December 23, 12:38 PM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Remember those old cartoons that showed what a breeze life would be in the House of the Future? Robotic arms would pop out of hatches to pet the dog, iron the clothes, wash the windows.... Well, after a trip to Massive Change in Vancouver, we’ve seen the

  • bentely vignette.jpg

    Bentley Prince Street Carpet Wins Calif. Eco-Award

    December 22, 9:21 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Bentley Prince Street, manufacturer of both residential and commercial carpets (cool ones, too), recently became the recipient of California’s 2004 Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA) for the State of California. (That means

  • dyson-yellow.jpg

    Dyson vacuum cleaners really suck

    December 22, 3:52 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    When Dyson vacuum cleaners first appeared they looked way peculiar and cost a pretty packet. "Too expensive!" the pundits exclaimed (Didn't they say that about the Prius and iPod too?). Be that as it may, Dyson is the only other brand that has a

  • yippee shaw.jpg

    Shaw Carpet Renounces PVC

    December 16, 2:56 PM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    You may think of carpet as a cozy, harmless floorcovering, or you may not think about it all. But carpets can contain lots of nasty components, like icky glues, naughty fibers, and PVC backing. Now Shaw Carpet, a major player in the market, is taking

  • green home guide.gif

    GreenHomeGuide: Great Green Resource for DIYers

    December 15, 12:57 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Here’s a great resource for any home-improvement projects you may be taking on. The GreenHomeGuide is a community-based resource for advice, inspiration, and information. Their sole intention, besides helping you, is to help the green wave catch on. And

  • neutra_lovellhouse-press.jpg

    Standard, Precast, Concrete Walls

    December 14, 10:35 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    By engineering, manufacturing, and installing prefab concrete walls, Standard Precast Walls can erect the frame of a building in a just a day, producing green buildings that will stand the test of time. Strong, energy-efficient, and cost-effective the

  • ecospec-logo-2.jpg

    Ecospecifier online database

    December 7, 6:59 PM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Recently updated, this "knowledgebase" is a compendium of green building materials and products. It houses over 1,000 product listings, with full descriptions and environmental performance indicators. There are also plenty of essays, discussions,

  • teragen-bamboo-floor.jpg

    Teragen Bamboo Flooring, Panels and Veneer

    December 4, 1:08 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Having begun a decade ago under the name Timbergrass, Teragren continue to manufacture competitively priced, sustainably harvested bamboo flooring and bamboo panels. Although a grass that can grow a foot (30.5cm) per day, bamboo has many of the qualities


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