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  • davisaerobenchwoodarms.jpg

    Davis Aluminum Bench

    September 1, 12:00 PM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Traditional public seating? Fuck it. This one goes in my living room. Or as excellent benches around my long dining table. Check below for the one without arms...very slick. The extruded (extremely durable and easily recyclable) aluminum has a beautiful

  • interfaceblackpattern.jpg

    Interface Carpet Tiles

    September 1, 5:00 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Modular carpet. Brilliant! Install it by sticking it to the floor. Remove to clean in the sink, to move apartments or to replace. This solves 2 typical carpet problems: 1) stain one part/get uneven wear and you have to replace the whole darn thing 2) if

  • 4090224.jpg

    Water Saver

    August 30, 10:44 AM by TreeHugger in Kitchen Design

    I have a similar version to this that I use in my bathroom. It's a very simple but ingenious design. The wire thingy on the side is like a toggle switch. So you can be brushing your teeth or shaving and have the water set to the exact temp and flow you

  • pharoslight.jpg

    Standing Papyrus Light

    August 30, 10:41 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Designed by Jasper Startup (cool name right?) in '97). This one is on the verge of being in crunchy territory but it somehow skirts it. It achieves a modern feel despite being made entirely with natural materials. Made of papyrus (you know...that scroll

  • m_30526.jpg

    Butterfly Stool

    August 30, 7:20 AM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    She's one of my favorites. Sure, she's tiny, expensive and I probably would never actually sit on her. But...she's beautiful, elegant, timeless, reasonably sustainable and I'll still love her in 50 years. Designed in 1954 by Sori Yanagi this little stool

  • voxianxtchair.jpg

    1 Piece Stackable Beech Chairs

    August 27, 3:25 PM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    We are not worthy...We are not worthy! Bow down to Peter Karpf and Voxia! This collection rules. The designs are simple, comfortable, sustainable and fricking beautiful! Made with one piece of sustainably harvested beech or walnut. Can be laquered or

  • sensaytables.jpg

    Sustainable Mahogany Side-Tables

    August 27, 1:39 PM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Clean, simple but with a couple of fun moves. Knockdown for easy moving. Made of solid sustainably harvested mahogany if you can believe it. Simple enough and of such beautiful wood that they should be still functioning and looking good in 25 years. $600

  • gustinselvedgerugdetail.jpg

    Selvedge Rugs

    August 27, 1:14 PM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Chris Gustin weaves rugs from selvedges (edges of fabric normally thrown out). Thick. Easy to clean in the washing machine. Many widths and can be ordered in any length (imagine a looooong corridor). Made in Indiana. $12/square foot so a 3x5 ft is $180.

  • horseplate.jpg

    Reglazed Old Tableware

    August 21, 9:52 PM by TreeHugger in Kitchen Design

    Great concept! Sarah takes old (and likely very cheap) ceramic dinnerware and re-glazes it with her own artistic designs (brilliantly allowing some of the old design to show through). High score for rescuing old dishes by simply adding a little

  • caperchair.jpg

    Fairly Priced Office Chair

    August 21, 9:24 PM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Not the sexiest but solid.1/2 the weight of similar chairs. Stackable. Ergononomic. Aerated. Designed by Jeff Weber. Features a "high percentage of post-consumer materials" and 100% recyclability. And to top it all off...cool wheels! $199. ::Buy at DWR

  • pylon_chair.jpg

    Wireframe Chair

    August 21, 4:40 PM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Maybe it's not the most comfortable chair. Maybe it doesn't "match" anything else you own. Maybe it's way more money than you should spend on yourself until you finally pay off that loan. Who gives a care, I say! This thing is gorgeous. Imagine what a

  • bookshelf.jpg

    Book Shelf...Get it?

    August 18, 11:42 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Sometimes, I hate the whole recycling stuff into new stuff. Sometimes, I love it. This is so silly that it's great. Handmade in the good ol' USA, reasonably priced for the amount of work that must go into them and you can even get custom themes!! Good

  • pph_6389_s.jpg

    Recycled Favelan Wood Chair

    August 18, 9:45 AM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Ok, maybe it's not the easiest thing to build. But, it's HOT! Designers Fernando and Humberto Campana designed a chair made from recycled scraps, painstakingly glued and nailed together. It comes from the Favelas of Brazil. Pick one up for a cool

  • modulararts_wallpanel.jpg

    Textured Gypsum Wall Panels

    August 17, 6:35 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    Who needs paint or boring wallpaper when you can go full-on surface savvy with Seattle-based Modular Arts' new line of gypsum wall coverings. These tiles are made from nontoxic minerals and offer a sleek and sustainable alternative to the average fare.

  • k_now_3form_prattlounge.jpg

    Invisible Lounge

    August 17, 6:17 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    3form is banking on the public demand for its fashion-forward resins—a fave of design cognoscetti and the hoi poloi alike—by breaking into the furniture market. Its first collection, masterminded by design collaborative k_now (yes, the name is

  • papkorndish.jpg

    Sexy Disposable Dishes?

    August 17, 5:38 AM by TreeHugger in Kitchen Design

    Yes, we know it takes just 60 seconds to scrub and rinse a dish, but somehow the cereal bowls still sit there for three weeks straight. Thus the appeal of disposable dishes, but alas—no one has made a sustainable alternative that’s tempted us

  • qredstool.jpg

    Red "Q" Stool

    August 17, 5:24 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    At $4,000 for a writing table, Q Collection’s unfussy upscale wares are admittedly for those with discriminating taste and discretionary income. But rich and poor alike can undoubtedly relate to the transitional collection’s underlying ethos:

  • tylerdresser.jpg

    Reclaimed Holly Dresser

    August 17, 5:09 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    As rough-hewn as the sculptural furniture he creates, Tyler Hays never fails to have dirt under his fingernails, paint splattered on his jeans, and, on the tip of his lips, a cut-to-the-chase observation. To wit: "What's the point of embracing


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