Tunisian marketplace

Tunisia bans disposable plastic shopping bags

In an effort to reduce plastic waste, shoppers will no longer be able to get single-use bags at supermarkets.

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    Water Lily Inspires Waterproofing

    October 14, 4:27 PM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    Catch this biomimicriffic tidbit: Scientists are using lotus leaves to make better waterproofing fabrics. One of nature's most waterproof materials, the leaf of the lotus plant inspired scientists to develop a simple way to create synthetic coatings

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    Pause Two for Moroso

    October 12, 3:28 PM by TreeHugger in Economics

    The Pause Two, designed by Ariz Sariyer for Moroso, is made out of self-sustaining honeycomb anodized aluminum. From a quick scan, anodizing (protects from corrosion and abrasion) is probably not necessary as it certainly has negative environmental

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    Fuel Cell Car Rally

    October 11, 9:23 AM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    MSNBC.com recently ran a good article in which their writer followed a fuel cell car rally for five days on the road. Encouraging to know that there’s enough hydrogen-powered cars already out there to be roving around in gangs. ::MSNBC.comThe bennies of

  • lightembrace.jpg

    AAN-UIT Embrace Lamp

    October 10, 5:13 PM by TreeHugger in Economics

    The fact that the Embrace lamp refers readily back to Le Corbu does a lot for our eyes, but the materials designer Marc Th. van der Voorn specified unfortunately do little for the planet. Currently made in chromed steel and chintz, it’d be picture

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    Nobel Peace Prize Goes Green

    October 9, 11:12 AM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai became the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, reported Reuters. She was honored for helping aid democracy and save Africa's forests through her Green Belt Movement, comprised mainly of

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    Open Letter to the Bouroullec Bros.

    October 7, 1:41 PM by TreeHugger in Economics

    Dear Bouroullec Bros:

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    Calif. Adopts Auto Emissions Cuts: The Debate is On

    October 5, 2:34 PM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    Last week, California air-quality regulators adopted the nation's first-ever rules to reduce car emissions linked to global warming. This week, the debate between the Calif. Air Resources Board and auto manufacturers rages on. We're hoping the new

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    The Case for Better Buildings

    October 1, 2:10 PM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    Experts at the Center for Health Design recently published an article about how health-conscious, environmentally- and psychologically-sound health care buildings are well worth the investment. Though they may initially cost more, better, greener

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    Fuel-Economy in China!

    September 24, 12:33 PM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    Nice step in the right direction. China is trying to reduce its dependency on imported oil and I hope also trying to get a little more TreeHugger. Look at the effect we are having already! Of note in this article: Car sales were rising rapidly for years

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    ALMOSTS: Curvy Bookshelf

    August 21, 8:55 PM by TreeHugger in Economics

    Stylized but in a way that works. Unfortunately made of PVC..which, as you know...sucks environmentally. Ron, howsabout specing sustainably forested wood instead? (Urge him at studio@ronarad.com)::Lovely Rita by Kartell ::Forest Stewardship Council

  • pieces-wood-detail.jpg

    PROTO: Maple Hanging Lamp

    August 18, 11:14 AM by TreeHugger in Economics

    This lamp is too beautiful to not be TreeHugger! I suspect laser cutting some sustainably harvested wood as well as specing a compact fluorescent bulb with a nice yellowish tint would do the trick. You may find the current prototype available at Sublime

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