ReTuna Sweden

Swedish shopping center sells only refurbished second-hand items

This brilliant update on the thrift store model includes DIY repair classes, organic food, and a drop-off zone for unwanted items.

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    Penn State: Morphing Airplane Wings Fly Like a Bird's

    November 27, 1:58 PM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's That's right. In yet another triumph of biomimicry, engineers at Penn State University have developed a concept for airplane wings that morph in flight, changing shape like a bird's do and covered with a

  • church candles.jpg

    Church: Good for the Soul, Bad for the Lungs?

    November 23, 5:20 PM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    Though going to church may still be good for the soul, scientists at Maastricht University in Amsterdam have found that it may not as good for the lungs. That’s because the candles and incense being burned in churches can release dangerous levels of

  • ibuydifferent.jpg

    I Buy Different - a New Web Resource for Tweens

    November 23, 7:26 AM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    "Young people are a growing consumer force. Youth purchases amounted to $170 billion last year, almost double the $99 billion this age group spent in 1994. Generation Y is the largest age group since the Boomers: along with their size comes unprecedented

  • moon work.jpg

    Fly Me to the Moon--I Need Unlimited Natural Resources

    November 22, 4:54 PM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    In an effort to fuel our insatiable needs for energy, some scientists and entrepreneurs are suggesting that space may indeed be the new frontier (um, again). Humans could mine the solar system for its abundant natural resources both making space travel

  • monterey book photo

    Heat on now to make Kyoto work

    November 19, 9:56 AM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    Last night Russia formally agreed to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. Remember Kyoto, that agreement designed to reduce global warming by limiting greenhouse gas emissions? The one established a whole seven years ago. Of course, there are still a few

  • pitts pub safety.jpg

    Recycling Buildings also Good on the Pocketbook

    November 8, 11:47 AM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    Ugly fact: The demolition of buildings in the U.S. produces about 124 million tons of debris each year. Where does it go? You guessed it--mostly to landfills. Luckily, some companies are starting to recognize the absurdity of such waste, and a

  • hollywood rocker.jpg

    ALMOST: Studio Massaud's Hollywood Rocker

    November 6, 5:39 PM by TreeHugger in Economics

    Looooove the look of this chair. Wonder if it would be possible for Studio Massaud to specify FSC maple and veggie-dyed leather (which hugs the seat)? ::Studio Massaud [by

  • Big Pic TV.gif

    Big Picture: TV Online

    October 26, 3:52 PM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    Big Picture is an online resource of clips and interviews with movers and shakers of the environmental movement. Stream video clips of renowned scientists, journalists and politicians, activists, and academics, including Ela Ghandi, Jane Goodall, and

  • ph_artichoke_white.jpg

    ALMOST: Random Light

    October 26, 3:26 PM by TreeHugger in Economics

    Miranda Watkins's Random light pendant is a modern beauty. We think it looks like a flattened out version of that Poul Hennigsen classic, the Artichoke lamp. Made from anodized aluminum and, unfortunately, Perspex, a not-too-friendly plastic, Watkins's

  • monterey book photo

    Building Green Doesn't Have to Cost More

    October 25, 4:07 PM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    A recent article at Metropolis discusses a new report compiled by Lisa Fay Matthiessen and Peter Morris, of the cost-management firm Davis Langdon, which concludes that building green buildings doesn't necessarily cost more. That's huge!In "Costing

  • nikeairheel.jpg

    EU: Nike Air's Air Under Attack

    October 23, 8:10 AM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    We thought there might be something fishy about Nike's PR-driven environmental stance. Though the company is making an effort to recycle shoes and use organic cotton, it appears some of its design aspects remain less than desirable. The European Union

  • arad 3-skin chair.jpg

    ALMOST: Ron Arad Three Shin Chair for Moroso

    October 22, 11:48 PM by TreeHugger in Economics

    We adore Ron Arad’s sexy new Three Skin chair for Moroso for its sleek resemblance to Brancusi’s and Boccioni’s deconstructionist sculptural abstractions of bodies in movement, but whyohwhy couldn’t Mr. Arad specify more Treehugger-ish materials than

  • norm 03.jpg

    ALMOST: Norm 03 Pendant Lamp

    October 21, 11:58 PM by TreeHugger in Economics

    The Norm 03 pendant, designed by Britt Kornum, passes a series of TH tests. Non-fussy design--check. It uses no glue—good. Self-assembly required, with no tools--good. Ships in a small package—great. Made from PVC? Ayeyiyi! All TH is asking for is a

  • ecologyofcommerce.jpg

    Paul Hawken Speaks

    October 19, 7:56 AM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    Last Friday, Paul Hawken, author of Natural Capitalism and The Ecology of Commerce and one of our heroes, spoke in San Francisco. According to Hawken, there’s a schism in thought about whether the economy is a subset of the environment, or vice-versa.

  • Massive_Change.jpg

    Massive Change

    October 18, 6:24 PM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    "Now that we can do anything, what can we do?" That's the question behind the logic of Massive Change: The Future of Global Design, a cultural movement and the brainchild of Bruce Mau, global designer extraordinaire, and the Institute Without

  • lotus.jpg

    Water Lily Inspires Waterproofing

    October 14, 4:27 PM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    Catch this biomimicriffic tidbit: Scientists are using lotus leaves to make better waterproofing fabrics. One of nature's most waterproof materials, the leaf of the lotus plant inspired scientists to develop a simple way to create synthetic coatings

  • Moroso shelving.jpg

    Pause Two for Moroso

    October 12, 3:28 PM by TreeHugger in Economics

    The Pause Two, designed by Ariz Sariyer for Moroso, is made out of self-sustaining honeycomb anodized aluminum. From a quick scan, anodizing (protects from corrosion and abrasion) is probably not necessary as it certainly has negative environmental

  • Feul Cell.jpg

    Fuel Cell Car Rally

    October 11, 9:23 AM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility recently ran a good article in which their writer followed a fuel cell car rally for five days on the road. Encouraging to know that there’s enough hydrogen-powered cars already out there to be roving around in gangs. ::MSNBC.comThe bennies of


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