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    The Princess of Bicycles

    May 1, 12:13 PM by Bonnie Alter in Bikes

    The Princess is the royalty of Pashley Cycles. Hand built since 1926 by a small English company, these bicycles are true classics. With just 28 employees and no assembly lines or conveyor belts, there is a pride of product reflected in the strength of

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    Maker Faire Goodies: Wooden Bikes

    May 1, 7:47 AM by Sean Fisher in Bikes

    The TreeHugger crew was out in full force at last week's Maker Faire scoping out the creative bunch of DIYers that call themselves Makers. This week we will be featuring some of the coolest eco-DIY projects we found as well as the Makers who created

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    Bikes on Transit: The Bay Area Story

    May 1, 1:47 AM by Nick Aster in Bikes

    Despite all the fabulous development in hybrids and alternative fuels lately, we all know that the best ecological choice you can make is to ditch the guzzler altogether and ride a bike! It's cheap, healthy, and sometimes even faster (if you live in a

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    Taking Back the Streets: Cyclist Memorials

    April 27, 3:00 PM by Lloyd Alter in Bikes

    We learned the hard way about a Toronto tradition for taking back the streets today- mass memorial rides for cyclists needlessly killed. Hubert Van Tol was a University of Toronto Professor and athlete- we rowed together on Lake Ontario (well, not

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    Electric Dirtbike: Mud E by Zap!

    April 27, 11:44 AM by Justin Thomas in Bikes

    We've featured electric cars and bikes from Zap! previously on TreeHugger. Now the company has released this electric dirtbike called the "Mud E". It's aimed at "kids aged 8 and up", and the specs say the range is up to 12 miles and speed is up to 20

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    Bikes Not Bombs Has Job Vacancies

    April 17, 1:10 AM by Warren McLaren in Bikes

    Every time we do a story about a bicycle reuse or repair program someone is bound to chime in with, "what about Bikes Not Bombs?" OK, we apologise for neglecting them for so long. And timely that we should bring them to the front page of

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    The Sandwich Bike - Two for One

    April 13, 3:26 AM by Warren McLaren in Bikes

    We’ve had a plethora of stunning bicycles grace the pixels here, but the Sandwich Bike might just be the most beautiful so far. If only for it’s intentions. Though its visage is none too shabby either. Designers Basten Leijh, Imre Verhoeven and Pieter

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    Scoot: The Bicycle You Don't Have to Pedal

    April 3, 10:55 AM by Collin Dunn in Bikes

    Offering the synthesis of simplicity and style, Scoot is the latest find in our never-ending quest for transportation alternatives to petroleum-burning, single-occupancy vehicles. Run on a lithium-ion battery, Scoot will get you about 30 miles (50 km)

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    Harvest Trike: And The Healthy Farmers, Healthy Profits Project

    March 24, 7:32 AM by John Laumer in Bikes

    Sore back and knees do not have to typify the produce-grower's life. And, family organic farmers don't have to make their kids and employees dislike their jobs either. All it takes is a bike mod like this one to pick those berries in comfort (second

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    NY Retail Store Attacked for Bike Culture Homage

    March 23, 12:41 AM by Warren McLaren in Bikes

    Our profilic and anonymous tipster brought this strange story to our attention. A month ago, Brooklyn Industries, purveyors of designer T-shirts and apparel, found their retail shopfront windows had been acid etched with the words "Bike Culture Not for

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    Di Blasi R24 Folding Bike

    March 13, 2:42 AM by Warren McLaren in Bikes

    An apology to our bicycle enthusiasts, we've been a little lax in your department. Please accept the R24 as a peace offering. Claimed to be the smallest folding bike on the planet, with a collapsed volume of 83.5 litres, it is also one of the

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    Electric Bikes a Better Workout than Pedal Power?

    March 3, 12:58 AM by Warren McLaren in Bikes

    Often when we do a story of electric bikes, e-bikes, power assist bicycles or whatever you want to call them, we have comments about how impractical the idea is. But just occasionally a brave commenter will suggest it could be great for someone not in

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    Cyclepods — Sleek New Design For Bike Storage Using Recycled Aluminium

    January 14, 1:33 AM by Petz Scholtus in Bikes

    We are forever wasting time wandering around the streets looking for an appropriate lampposts or railings to secure our bikes to. So we are very keen on this space agey looking bike storage unit which will smarten up bike parking all over town. The

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    BYOB: Build Your Own Bambike

    April 30, 8:34 AM by Dominic Muren in Bikes

    Have you looked with longing eyes at the gorgeous Ross Lovegroove Bamboo bike by Biomega, but not quite felt right about the price? Are you a little of a handyman yourself, and fancied having a go at a bamboo cycle? Are you just now finishing the

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    Conference Bike

    April 16, 9:34 AM by Christine Lepisto in Bikes

    What happens if you cross slow living with the fitness craze? the executive meeting room with a ride in the park? the eco-mobility movement with Eric Staller? You get the "Conference Bike". Conceived more as a form of installation art than a


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