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    What I Burned on My Summer Vacation

    September 13, 7:42 AM by Lloyd Alter in Aviation

    Every time we write about fear of frying/flying we get incredulous comments from readers in larger countries like Canada, the US and Australia thinking that those Brits are just nuts, but like it or not, it is coming to North America. Globe and Mail

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    Boeing's Zero-Emission Plane Set To Take Off

    August 29, 9:44 AM by Justin Thomas in Aviation

    Boeing plans to launch a hydrogen fuel cell-powered light-aircraft prototype within a year, the Sunday Times reports. The only emissions from such a plane would be water vapor. The plane will be a small craft, and might have a top speed of only 70

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    World's First AA Battery Powered Plane Gets Airborne

    July 17, 9:27 PM by Warren McLaren in Aviation

    OK, so there were 160 AA batteries, and it only flew for less than a minute, to cover a little shy of 400 meters (~428 yards), but that is still a significant feat. Especially as it was a ‘personed’ flight, piloted by 53 kg (117 lb) Tomohiro Kamiya,

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    Gravity Powered Flight?

    April 12, 12:52 PM by Justin Thomas in Aviation

    An aviation company in Nevada, Hunt Aviation, is exploring a way to utilize gravity as a power source – the project is called the GravityPlane. The idea sprung from the brain of Robert D. Hunt, a theoretical physicist and inventor who founded Hunt


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