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    Biofuels for Jet Planes - Branson Reveals (a little) More

    April 30, 8:42 AM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    Regular readers of TreeHugger will be aware that aviation is becoming an increasingly hot topic in environmental circles. Readers will also be aware that Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Atlantic, has been trying to position himself, and his

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    Jeremy Leggett Stirs Up the Aviation Debate

    April 15, 12:40 PM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    It seems we aren't the only ones to stir up vehement debate every time we mention the growth of aviation as a climate risk. The Guardian is once again covering this issue, with John Vidal, the paper's environment correspondent, attacking Ryanair's

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    Jumbos Landing in 'Idle' - Saving Fuel Through Gliding Descent

    April 11, 8:22 AM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    Next time you’re coming in to land in a jet plane, you may find its engines are set to idle. This isn’t as scary as it first sounds, and according to a report in The Age newspaper it is being trialed on commercial jumbos at Auckland International

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    Aviation Ads to Carry Cigarette-style Warnings?

    April 8, 8:24 AM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    Once again the aviation/climate change debate is hotting up, and once again, the UK is the scene for the latest installment. The Guardian reports that the Institute for Public Policy Research is urging advertising for flights, foreign holidays, and cars

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    'Take the Train', or 'Screw Them, Let's Fly'? - Guardian Vs Spurt

    March 23, 7:58 AM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    Discussion of aviation always seem to provoke a heated debate among Treehuggers (our post on George Monbiot's views received 80 comments!). It appears the issue is not going to go away, at least if the climate in the UK is anything to go by. Spurt

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    Rough Guide Suggests Carbon Neutral Vacation

    February 20, 11:01 AM by Celine Ruben in Aviation

    When planning a vacation it is likely that flying might come into the equation. To avoid this carbon producing predicament TreeHuggers might suggest vacationing locally or in a place that can be reached by train, short drive or even by biking or

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    Aviation and the Climate: Penguins Join the Debate

    February 17, 8:02 AM by Treehugger Interns in Aviation

    It seems the aviation vs climate debate is hotting up once again, at least in the UK. SPURT, the spoof aviation-industry lobby group that we reported on here, is taking out a two-page advertisement in many of the national papers this Monday. On the one

  • aeroalcool2.jpg

    Aeroalcool: Flying on Sugar Cane

    February 13, 8:42 AM by Warren McLaren in Aviation

    Maybe not as exotic as the possibility of avgas made from saltwater plants, but promising nevertheless. Especially as it already works and has existing air miles to its credit. Aeroalcool of Brazil are in the throes of seeking certification for

  • NASAHelios.jpg

    NASA Helios - a Solar Powered Skycraft

    January 12, 8:27 AM by Warren McLaren in Aviation

    We haven't had an air travel post for a little while, so thought we'd go with a blast from the past to fill the void. NASA used to fly the Helios uninhabited aerial vehicle (UAV) (Just you just love TLAs?) about the place, until they lost it a few

  • jet-emissions-hr01.jpg

    The Helium Report on Flying Carbon Neutral

    January 11, 2:48 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Aviation

    When we gave a friendly challenge to the Helium Report last week, we weren't sure how they would react or if they would react at all. But within about 15 minutes of the publication of our post (!), Jamie Cheng, co-founder of the Helium Report,

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    Europe Flags a Carbon Bank for Aircraft CO2 Emissions

    December 22, 3:00 PM by Warren McLaren in Aviation

    The European Union this week announced it's intention to establish CO2 emission quotas for commerical airlines by 2011. Companies will be given a carbon credit based on their emissions over the previous couple of years. Those airlines, like the Dutch

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    Airlines Toss Enough Cans Each Year to Build Fleet of Airliners, NRDC Says

    December 18, 2:50 PM by Kyeann Sayer in Aviation

    Airlines in the U.S. throw away enough aluminum cans every year to build 58 new 747s. The

  • porterraccoon.jpg

    Perhaps Flying Turboprop isn't Dying

    December 16, 2:50 PM by Lloyd Alter in Aviation

    Startup airline Porter Air flies Bombardier Q400 turboprops from Toronto to Ottawa and Montreal, evidently with some style, having its interiors, graphics and uniforms designed by *Walllpaper founder Tyler Brûlé's Winkreative. It appears to be quite a

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    Go Before You Go?

    December 5, 11:15 AM by Alex Pasternack in Aviation

    We know that flying is quite a dirty business, but what about doing your own business at 30,000 feet? China Southern airline recently raised the question when it gently requested that passengers use the restroom prior to boarding, as Xinhua news agency

  • sax402.jpg

    Blended Wing Concept 3000 Times Quieter, 35% More Efficient

    November 10, 8:13 AM by in Aviation

    The Brits and the Yanks have teamed up to tackle what seems like an untackleable problem. How do we turn aviation, the loudest form of transportation, into the quietest? The Silent Aircraft Initiative has combined old ideas with some brand new

  • whitedwarf.jpg

    What the Blimp! It's a Pedal Powered White Dwarf

    November 7, 4:25 PM by Warren McLaren in Aviation

    This cute little conveyance is nothing new. It once set a FAI world record for it’s class of airship, flying 58 miles (93km). But that was 14 years ago. Now the White Dwarf is in the sky once more, thanks to the determination of two enthusiasts, Reed

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    Trains vs. Planes: Eurostar Joins the Debate

    October 28, 11:37 AM by Treehugger Interns in Aviation

    Everytime we discuss aviation it generates some pretty passionate discussion. Now Eurostar, the company operating trains between London and Paris, and London and Brussels, has waded into the debate. The company has put out a press release claiming that

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    British Activists Satirize Government, Airline Industry

    October 16, 7:36 AM by Jeff McIntire in Aviation

    British activism organizations AirPortWatch, Enough's Enough, and Greenpeace UK up the ante in the debate over air travel's contributions to global warming with SPURT, a mock-PR campaign on behalf of British aviation. When you're finished watching the


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